Teeth whitening

Teeth can be stained by foods, drinks, smoking and certain medications. Teeth whitening is a safe procedure that can lighten the colour of your teeth by using a medically graded dental bleaching agent. Individual results vary and are based on your initial tooth colour and the nature of your tooth staining.

It is important to note that only a dental professional is legally allowed to perform any teeth whitening treatment. It is always recommended that you avoid foods and drinks that can stain your teeth while you are undergoing any whitening treatment, as this may affect the outcome. Such items include red wine, black coffee and certain curry sauces. 

You can either have your teeth professionally whitened in the dental practice or you can buy a home whitening kit once you receive the custom plastic trays that fit over your teeth that you need for this type of treatment.  A whitening gel is placed inside the tray and you wear this overnight for a period of time, with your teeth gradually appearing lighter and brighter. Any sensitivity that you might experience with teeth whitening can be alleviated with mild painkillers. 

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